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Snappy! – Desktop Snapshot

November 4th, 2008

A few months ago, I was a bit miffed at the Quality Assurance department because they would detail a broken scenario in our application but their screenshots did not provide vital details. They would usually cut out what they thought was important, which is usually only a part of the problem.

To that end, I wrote Snappy! (.zip) By harnessing a few methods from the Win32 API, I was able to cycle through the list of visible windows on the desktop. Once I had a copy of each window, I noticed that they the size each indicated was sometimes larger than the visible area, so I added some additional code to trim the right and bottom.

I was also able to pick out the location of these images and embed them within an “MHT” file – IE Only :-/ MHT files are actually very similar to the raw format of an e-mail.   For some added functionality, I added the YUI drag-drop library, so that you get a complete snapshot of all visible windows on the desktop, that bring-to-front when you click and are draggable.

Given that I prefer Firefox, and work in Linux fairly often, I am a bit disappointed that the result may only be rendered in IE, but my goal was to have a single file that was a complete representation of the desktop.  With a little extra code, I could create a folder with an index that does the same thing.  Just ask.

Also, I am missing the default Z-index for the images, so under some scenarios, your desktop might be on top of your windows.


Download Snappy.zip

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