Over 8 years of industry-standard experience.


When you get down to talking about websites, the meat and potatoes (potatos?) of today's market is either ASPX or PHP.

This shouldn't become a propoganda war - I know ASPX almost as well as I know PHP, and I think they both do a great job in their niche.

I believe ASPX was designed to be an enterprise application, and PHP was designed to make websites.

Having learned both, I chose PHP because it's fast! And flexible! ;-)

Thanks to these qualities, I have built my own framework - Sidekick - designed to encompass all of the things I've learned about web development.

  • Web development should be integral.
  • Web development should be functional.
  • Web development should be fast.

While I'm on my soap box, I think web development can be clean and organized without sacrificing anything. Sometimes the task requires a lot of code, but just like anything else, smaller, autonomous tasks promote consistency, efficiency, and results.

That's Sidekick - we hope you like it.

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